December 19th, 2019

Defining quality living with Projects by Buxton

Heath Thompson, director at Projects by Buxton, has many years of experience representing specialised developments and projects. As the appointed agent for Slate House, Heath shares his insights into what sets it apart.

What makes Slate House unique for Brighton? This project is about presenting true quality to the Brighton market. We get a lot of people who come to us when they are moving, particularly from larger homes, worried about losing privacy in an apartment. In addressing that, the acoustic performance of Slate House is very high which results in a really quiet and peaceful building. You don’t need to worry about footsteps being heard next door or conversations and loud noises carrying across to your neighbours. There are also a series of world-leading sustainability features incorporated into the design, making it Brighton’s first homes that are carbon neutral in operations.

Tell us, how is the property market looking in Brighton?

What is noticeable in Brighton, and actually across broader Melbourne, is there hasn’t been a lot available on the market. Buyers are really starved for choice and in the apartment space the majority of projects have been quite similar to each other. Slate House definitely has a distinct difference not only through the method of construction and architecture, but visually it carries quite a powerful stance compared to other developments out there.

What makes Brighton one of the city’s most sought-after suburbs?

The bay is obviously a big drawcard, so being close to the beaches and the iconic Brighton Bathing Boxes. Bayside living is a large part of the lifestyle. There are also some really nice villages which segregate the Brighton postcode, so rather than having one big central activity centre for the suburb, is it quite spread out with beautiful enclaves throughout. Slate House is particularly close to Church Street which is known for shopping, dining and entertainment. It is very much a desirable place to be.

Do you have a favourite feature of Slate House?

Architecturally it has an incredibly strong presence and what has really driven that is the natural and raw materials. I have been involved in developments for a long time and there are many on the market that lack real integrity. Slate House, however, has these beautiful natural materials and a strength in character which will see it lasting a really long time. I think it will be an icon for Brighton for many years to come.

What are you looking forward to most about working on this project?

I really enjoy working with Lucent, this has been my first opportunity to work with them. I had watched them from afar for a while and so being able to work on their Slate House ethos, ‘Made With You’, is a real pleasure. They invite buyers in and are completely transparent. Allowing the purchasers to visit during the construction phase is incredibly unusual. It’s great to see a developer that is so proud of the homes they deliver.

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