December 19th, 2019

Is this Brighton’s quietest building?

At Slate House, we want to show that apartment living does not mean compromising on quality or privacy.

This is why we have partnered with Austin Maynard Architects. Known for building forever homes for their clients and truly understanding their needs, the architects have drawn on their key principles of liveability, heritage and materiality to bring Slate House to life.

As a central component of their brief, privacy has been an important consideration of the design process. Adhering to the highest standards of residential design, the 14 apartments incorporate premium materials and clever architecture from the inside out.

To deliver these quiet and comfortable residences, Slate House incorporates insulation on both the internal and external walls of the building, unlike most new homes which are only insulated externally.

The result? Greatly reduced noise and disruptions from outside, a peaceful lifestyle for residents and improved energy efficiency – making spaces comfortable all-year round.

Slate House residents will also enjoy:

High quality, familiar materials – including Tasmanian oak timber paneling and beautiful slate and brickwork on the home’s exteriors

A reduced number of entry ways throughout the building – giving each home maximum privacy

Well orientated and double glazed windows – boosting natural light during winter and protecting homes from the sun in summer

Clever architecture – designed to make each apartment look and feel like a stand-alone building

Induction cooktops – utilising the latest in home appliance technology and reducing indoor air pollution

Water-based, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints throughout the building – helping residents breathe easy in their homes

Much more than apartments, Slate House adapts the best parts of the area’s traditional homes - beautiful tiled roofs, robust materials and lush gardens – while taking away the inefficiencies, the sprawl and the high maintenance.

To experience the craftsmanship of Slate House firsthand, book an appointment with Heath from Projects by Buxton today.

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